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Our Approach:

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Project development for unmet diseases.
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  • Projects related to rare diseases, neglected conditions, or special subpopulations require a tailored strategy. At Qualix DoT we help searching the most pragmatic solutions for every special case.
  • We bring together people and organizations to bridge the gap between science and the commercialization of new therapies. We work to connect the dots.
  • We can contribute to generate an experimental or clinical proof of concept that will guide a brilliant idea towards an industrialization process and assist at any stage your project encounters a barrier to progress.
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Drugs repurposing.
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Innovative formulations and methods of administration.
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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) supply.
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Rediscovering Bisphosphonates.

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At Qualix Ventures we offer the best of our knowledge and experience to drive the companies of the future. We have come into being with the aim of improving access to medicine and providing solutions for the healthcare industry.